Jacobsen Salt Co.

Jacobsen Salt Co. is one of Portland, OR’s most iconic brands, and has become internationally known for their classic look and their products’ superior quality. Classic, timeless, and clean were the key words we kept in mind when designing their identity and packaging.

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Café Zamora

Cafe Zamora was looking for an identity and packaging design that would appeal to the Portland market, while retaining the spirit and authenticity of their Guatemalan roots. It was also important to visually communicate the company’s values and mission of directly supporting and sustaining family farms in Guatemala.

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Since their re-brand and packaging design overhaul, Regalis Foods has blossomed into one of the nation’s most respected luxury food purveyors. They need all elements of their visual presence to convey the superior quality of their products and their position as authorities in their industry.

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Tasty Fortunes

When was the last time you had a fortune cookie was actually relevant? Tasty Fortunes is a service that allows users to design their own fortune cookies with customized fortunes. After a re-naming the company (from KC Fortune Cookie Company), they were looking for a fun, lively identity that would emphasize the creative experience that Tasty Fortunes provides.

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Indelible Ink

Indelible Ink is a family-owned screenprinting and embroidery shop providing high-quality merchandise and apparel for those creative at heart. As a new business, they desired an identity that would create legitimacy and help them stand out from the crowd.

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Wellwish is one brand under the umbrella of family owned conglomerate, Shine Foods. Wellwish brings traditional Asian flavors and recipes to American consumers. Their rebrand and packaging overhaul aimed to make the product more appealing to a contemporary, American audience.

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Socks (and tights) should be an expression of joy. And that’s why Tabbisocks exists. Their whimsical designs encourage and celebrate individual expression through personal style. It only makes sense that their branding and packaging should be equally iconic while attracting brand loyalty.

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AllGo is a review app for plus-size people to rate the comfort and accessibility of public spaces so others can know what to expect. In the wake of positive press, they were looking to capitalize on new interest by selling custom merchandise.

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Otter Wax

Otter Wax produces all-natural, small-batch fabric care, leather care, and apothecary products. The company’s founder wanted to create a branding and packaging system that would reflect their straightforward appeal that would be approachable to anyone from a rancher in pursuit of a shinier saddle to a bartender looking for a glossier beard.

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